Eyebrows frame the face, giving expression, warmth and depth, and without them, women can feel uncomfortable about their looks.

permanent makeup eyebrowsIf you are looking for a full reconstruction of eyebrows, or just want to enhance your current brows, we will work with you to create and shape a look that is elegantly understated, effortlessly natural and perfectly defined.

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing/Micro blading is an ideal treatment for people who continually need to use a pencil for patchy or non-existent eyebrows. It is also fantastic for Alopecia or chemotherapy patients. You can choose from subtle, soft-pencilled look or textured hair strokes, ombre or full block design.

  • Shadowed Technique: The shadowed technique involves a filling in or shadowed look as opposed to creating hairline strokes from scratch to cover bald or thin areas, the shadowed technique is best for those simply wanting shaping and/or just an enhancement. Good for very thin or oily skin types.

  • Soft Hair Stroke Technique:The soft hair stroke method is ideal for those who have very little to no eyebrow hair to begin with. Very fine hairline strokes are created to visually replicate individual natural hairs as opposed to a “block” of solid colour.

  • 3D Technique: This is a look that combination of the shadowing and hair stroke techniques, whereby strokes are made closer to one another other creating a shaded dimensional appearance.

  • Ombre Technique:The Ombre brow is more natural looking than solid colour and is the latest craze in eyebrow permanent make up. Softer shade at the bulb of the brow to a more concentrated shadow middle to tail end.

  • Microblading is a technique applied using a manual handpiece, holding a formation of needles. Hair strokes and shadowing can be created.

permanent makeup hairstroke eyebrows

The prices for Eyebrow treatments range from £300. Dependant on Technician expierence

Which areas can be treated?

Eyebrows. Designed as either full eyebrows where there are no hairs present or to fill out sparse areas where the hair is fine or fair.

Permanent makeup eyebrows
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