Beautiful lips, enhanced in a shape with a permanent colour, lip contour and blush.

Permanent makeup lipsLip Liners are an excellent way to enhance the lips and create volume and symmetry. A hint of colour can redefine the outline of the mouth making it shapelier and fuller.

Ideal for lips that have lost colour or shape through the ageing process or for the client who just can't leave home without lip liner or colour.

Treatment prices will include a thorough consultation, patch test, initial treatment and one retouch treatment within 8 weeks. This is to allow for a gradual colour infusion that is balanced with your unique natural skin undertones.

Permanent makeup lipsLipline
Re-define and enhance your lip contours with a softly lined lip tattoo. Alternatively you may choose a stronger, more defined line for a lip-liner result.

Lipline & Blush
A sheer blush of colour will create a natural looking fullness to your mouth. This style of lip tattoo is a great choice for a subtle enhancement of the natural lip colour, whilst creating gorgeous fuller looking lips – just gloss and go!

Full Lip Colour
A full lip colour can be applied across the entire lip area, enhancing your mouth, correcting asymmetries and making it shapelier, lovelier and fuller. This lip tattoo procedure can also closely imitate the appearance of a full lipstick application for the more glamorous ladies!

Permanent makeup lip full colour

Which areas can be treated?

ip liner & lip blush. This can be used to define your own lip line or alternatively we can create a better shape or fuller lips. A natural enhancement or more dramatic colour can be used to suit your individual requirements.

Beauty Spots. For fun or fashion. Can either be created or existing beauty spots can be enhanced.

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