We offer a tattoo removal treatment which can be used to remove small tattoos or cosmetic tattoos - Tattoo Removal is a state of the art, non-laser technique.

Tattoo Remove It is the most effective procedure in the world for the removal of cosmetic and body tattoos.

Lift tattoo removal is the use of a soluation that is penetrated-into the dermal layer of the skin with the use of the tattoo needles the same as the tattoo was originally applied In the first instance.

First treatment £200 follow up £150. This may vary for larger tattoos. Consultations will determine the pricing structure.

  • Its non laser
  • Liquid hypertonic salt solution
  • Non-acidic fading solution
  • Releases the ink bond
  • During scabbing process the ink is pulled to the surface by the scab
  • Li – FT is a saline based, pigment lightening & removal solution


Keep clean and avoid picking

Dry healing has resulted in optimum results, however, if you are in active high-risk areas an occlusive wound dressing for several days is required to prevent bacterial invasion of the wound. Some high-risk areas would include but are not limited to:

  • Exercise Gyms
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Home care facilities
  • High public traffic areas such as hotels, airports, grocery stores, etc

Clients should avoid contact with the procedural area directly with hands that have not been thoroughly washed. For several hours, and in some instances longer, the wound may weep lymph blood and fluid. These fluids can be blotted off by applying pressure (no rubbing) with a slightly moist paper towel.

The procedural area should be cleansed with a gentle product without fragrance, or acidic ingredients, etc. Topical cosmetics may NOT be applied over the procedural area to diffuse or hide the appearance of the wound. Cosmetics may contain ingredients that are contraindicative to healing wounds, may contain bacteria, and also require removal which entails contact with the crusts of the tattoo lightened area.

Take measures to keep the tattoo lightened area dry when bathing. This is more difficult for body art tattoos. While showering, people who have had cosmetic tattoos lightened may turn their back to the shower spray and gently blot off any moisture with a paper towel.

Under no circumstances should the crusts that develop over the wound be removed. The crusts will become less noticeable with the natural exfoliation of the dead skin cells that are naturally replaced by the body during the healing process. Any sign of infection seen you should consult their physician

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